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20. San Francisco.
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I don't know how to describe myself as a person. I am just me.
I sometimes like to look up and afar.
My favorite season is when blossoms.
I also have a very good appetite.
Did I mention that I am also an avid fan of these six, beautiful dorks?

Anyways, this tumblr is the little treehouse I climb into for a place of freedom and solitude. (kind of)

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So I finally got to watch Underneath the Hawthorne Tree and it was beyond my expectations. I didn’t really anticipate too much about it since it was a love story and love stories nowadays are just too predictable. Ironic thing about it was that I already knew about the story before watching, but the movie itself was just beautiful. Everything about this movie was beautiful, the story, the scenery, the dialogue, the music, the cinemotography (since the director’s known for his beautiful cinemotography).

The story was slightly predictable, but the movie left such a deep impression on me. It wasn’t the kind of movie where viewers would sob their hearts out while watching. It was the kind where a drop of tear would fall down once in a while while the story unfolded itself. A must-see movie for this year; just beautiful.