~ carte blanche ~

20. San Francisco.
Live. Laugh. Learn.

I don't know how to describe myself as a person. I am just me.
I sometimes like to look up and afar.
My favorite season is when blossoms.
I also have a very good appetite.
Did I mention that I am also an avid fan of these six, beautiful dorks?

Anyways, this tumblr is the little treehouse I climb into for a place of freedom and solitude. (kind of)

Personal rants documented here

  • math test: a farmer plants 7 crops of tomatoes and 3 crops of carrots what is the probablity his moms name is leslie
  • history test: the american civil war ended in 1865, explain how this had a defining role in the extinction of dinosaurs
  • literature test: explain what the author meant by, "the apple was as red as an apple"
  • physics tests: The aliens ate 3.4 doughnuts. Their crumbs fell to the Earth because of gravity. Calculate how many penguins are eating pancakes at the speed of light.