~ carte blanche ~

20. San Francisco.
Live. Laugh. Learn.

I don't know how to describe myself as a person. I am just me.
I sometimes like to look up and afar.
My favorite season is when blossoms.
I also have a very good appetite.
Did I mention that I am also an avid fan of these six, beautiful dorks?

Anyways, this tumblr is the little treehouse I climb into for a place of freedom and solitude. (kind of)

Personal rants documented here

Writing a poem using psychology terms

is a pain in the butt. Why must this assignment be mandatory?

I Can’t Even

OMFG, why of all time does 2PM’s new album have to come out right now when I’m not at home with my comp. and I can’t properly spazz over their new songs?!?!?! /sobs. Their new songs sound SO good. TT____TT FML