~ carte blanche ~

20. San Francisco.
Live. Laugh. Learn.

I don't know how to describe myself as a person. I am just me.
I sometimes like to look up and afar.
My favorite season is when blossoms.
I also have a very good appetite.
Did I mention that I am also an avid fan of these six, beautiful dorks?

Anyways, this tumblr is the little treehouse I climb into for a place of freedom and solitude. (kind of)

Personal rants documented here


Junsu shows us Changmin’s hair…

and he sees something..

and proceeds to pet his hair

then pets it some more..

but he sees something else!

so he sniffs his hair (……)

then fixes it again, making sure he looks good

and casually goes back to singing/dancing

.. meanwhile Changmin is oblivious to everything.

 Jundyu, lolololol. <3